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    A Straight Talk testimonial - the best mobile deal

    Echo M

    by Echo M



    well, i'm really glad to see so many happy Straight Talk customers, this is a great deal. I switched a long time ago when my kid dropped my cellphone in the toilet and my carrier wanted me to extend my contract to get a new phone, long story short I stopped by walmart and picke up a new Straight Talk, got the $45 unlimited plan and never missed my old carrier since, the savings are 10 times over the penalty I had to pay to end my awful contract.
    By JohnSims5 years ago
    I compared my cellphone too straight talk phones and it was the exact same phone! To be exact, it was the LG220c. I am paying half of the price now for the straight talk phone and the service plan is just amazing. I have the 45 dollar a month plan and I just cannot be happier.
    By gentleygiantly5 years ago
    My one son who's just started first job and he's moved to a state on the other end of the country for 3 months training , and it was so great that he could phone me and my husband and his girlfriend every night and have long chats without worrying about the phone bill because he uses Straight Talks $45 unlimited plan. Thank goodness for Straight Talk otherwise the distance between us and our son would have been felt quite a lot.
    By mrhunnybadger5 years ago
    I am getting more and more convinced that Straight Talk is a great deal. This lady is convincing.
    By parker88005 years ago
    I can't believe how many people a only just getting into Straight Talk now. I've known about this forever. You poor souls! All that money wasted! You can pay just $45 a month for unlimited service with Straight Talk.
    By DustyGal5 years ago
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