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    Switch to Straight Talk prepaid and save on your cell phone

    Fred West

    by Fred West



    My daughter use to think that money grew on tree's and would sit day and night on her cell phone I then moved her to Straight Talk $30 for 1000 min. She now knows that if she does not keep track of her calls she will use up her airtime and will no longer have airtime till the next top up. Guess who is finally smiling:)
    By RichardBerry5 years ago
    I have been using Straight Talk for a couple of months now and have experienced great reception due to Verizon and AT&T towers. The plan $45 which offers unlimited text/min/web browsing,Through Walmart.
    By WildBillFernS5 years ago
    saving money is easy if you do the research. I finally looked into the most affordable phone service and found that prepaid service is sooo much cheaper than their contract competition. PLus the companies I found, like straight talk and boost mobile don't have any extra fees, the monthly costs (45 for straight talk) include unlimited everything, and are half the price of what the competition charges, totally unbeatable
    By picklemepink5 years ago
    Until you have used a smartphone you don't know what you are missing. I have wanted one for a long time but did not want to go back to a contract. I now have a Nokia E71 and I use its smartphone capabilities every day. Being able google on the go is awesome and with the GPS feature I never get lost. Once you have one you will not know how you lived without one.
    By dudley905 years ago
    With the recent recession straighttalk has been a lifesaver to me and my business. For just $45 a month I have had unlimited talk, text and data. I also need a cellphone as I am a landscape designer and travel around a lot. I also need access of the data to get prices when I need them. Had I had a contract phone I am not too sure as to haow I would have been able to afford to keep on going!
    By brezneharrison5 years ago
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