Working For Me! NaVloPoMo09 Day 18

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  • Add to I got my fancy little promotional cards for my upcoming workshop in December!!!! Woo Hooo. I messed around with Vista Print and Overnight Prints on Sunday to see which one would work for me. My workshop is on Dec 6 so I didn't want to spend a lot of money, and I didn't want to get too many of them. I basically wanted something in my hands as fast as possible so that I could promote my workshop. I decided to go with Overnight Prints. They happen to be having a sale on postcards so I ended up paying $25 and some change for 100 double sided cards and I got them today! (the $25 and change included delivery!) It was more expensive to do it via Vista Print and they charged me extra for uploading Yoga Matrika's little logo, which Overnight Prints didn't. I designed them on Sunday night. I've never even attempted to do something like that before! It was kinda fun, and I have to say a bit addicting. All of a sudden I wanted to make more fun cards! My new obsession is learning vector design software. I found this great FREE app for the Mac, but I still have no clue as to how to use it. I've been messing around with text but that's about it. Since it's free it has no support at all...but it's fun! Oh yea, If you live in Pittsburgh and wanna come check out my workshop, you can sign up and pay for it at the Web site

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so cool! :)) btw check out my pics!! ..
By angeilbabe67771 4 years ago