Violent Tornado (Goes from scary to beautiful)

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Roger Hill is one of the best storm chasers roaming the backroads of Tornado Alley. This violent twister ripped up the prairie and left Roger and his pals with mouths agape. Check out Roger's new book "Hunting Nature's Fury" from Wilderness Press. Music by Xihilisk.


Excelente filmagem héin, nota 10! CD.´.
By celsocascavel 4 years ago
cm extreme stunning
By XXSweetChrissy 4 years ago
great video work man. And chasin'
By btimsah 5 years ago
I live in iowa,Its just Strange how somthing so deadly can be so beautiful...
By mudaholicwrangler 5 years ago
That was a beautiful show. I live in Missouri and I hope that I never ever been in one but seeing it on video really is well there is no words to describe it. Thanks you Roger Hill and his friends that made this possible.
By Ryan Betterley 5 years ago
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