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    Desktop Search Rain


    by WWWWolf

    A random music video that I once made, extolling the virtues of desktop search. Specifically, GNOME Tracker.

    A random description I posted when the video was originally published:

    Yesterday I got a great idea to make a music video for promoting desktop search. Aside of the song this was named after, it is inspired, of course, by the gigantic desktop search troll thread in I mean, the thread has already seen a few bazillion weird things; one more won't make it a lot weirder. I still can't believe this only took two days to make. Why the heck they sink millions in the music industry? Apologies if the melodies, euphemistically put, "sound familiar". I'm not a pro musician, don't follow the latest trends in popular music, yet, I might have inadvertently caught this from somewhere. Well, it's a repetitive catchy song =) Also, this is my first *proper* and nice try of Synfig and CinelerraCV together.