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    My Girlfriend Is the President - Opening Trailer


    par Yukito

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    My Girlfriend Is the President (Osananajimi wa Daitouryou) is a comedy eroge released by the Japanese studio Alcot on October 30, 2009. The story really kicks off when an alien ship crashes on Earth and kills Japan's prime minister. So to make ends meet, the aliens brainwash all of mankind and give the power to a girl who happens to be the protagonist's childhood friend; and his house happens to be right next to the new White House; oh and the worldwide brainwash seems to have had no effect on him. A presidential system is soon adopted, and she becomes the president of Japan. The new president of Russia also comes into play, and this too is now a cute young girl. And as is often the case with state leaders, sex at the highest level ensues... The game blatantly parodies president Obama, president Putin and Pope Ratzinger, among others.