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    2012: The Almost End of The World Interviews

    National Lampoon

    by National Lampoon

    National Lampoon's Matt Zaller, John Cusack, Amanda Peet, Chiwetel Ejiofor, and Director Roland Emmerich participate in an open and candid forum about the potential end of the world, and their new film 2012. The meandering of the forum ushered in topics such as Vicodin, dehydrated food pills, Elephants, The Queen of England, boxes of humanity, noah's arc, and so forth. Zaller attempts to convince Chiwetel Ejiofor that they share the same birthday, award nominations, and life history. Zaller also attempts to convince Roland Emmerich that they've worked together before and are friends. Much to Zaller's chagrin, Emmerich remembers that they do not know each other...yet. Worth a watch. See more at