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    Low-Impact Neck/Back Pain, Sciatica Exercise: Recumbent Bike

    John Zajaros

    by John Zajaros

    385 views As stated previously, the recumbent bike is about as good as it gets for someone just starting out with any sort of neck pain, back pain and sciatica relief exercise program.

    I am back up to 60 minutes and build that time into my day, so I get the most out of my exercise program and my work day. While many argue about the mind body link and all of that, I find as long as you get through the exercise, the benefit will profound and lasting. Your body has no idea whether you are thinking about your legs or reading a book! All that mind-body link mysticism is just that.

    Just do it! You will achieve real and lasting neck pain, back pain, and sciatica relief!
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