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    Change Your Life With Whole Life Harmonics...

    Sam Servedio

    by Sam Servedio


    Wealth creation starts with evaluating your values and rearing. Most of us were geared from a young age to believe you go to school, get a degree and find a job. What is wrong with this philosophy is that the rule of thumb we all use, but ever wonder why a small population is wealthy. Education is one of the important things in life to make a step up on being wealthy, but most will not teach you how to create a rich lifestyle. They will not give you the critical elements and teach you how to build a business to create your own wealth. You do not hear of a wealth building class on the high school class list, your core values start as young as pre-school. You can see the challenge with many to start thinking and creating that millionaire mindset. If you want to become wealthy it has to start with you. The formula of changing your lifestyle goes beyond wishing and wanting for a better life. It goes toward changing your thought process, and then aligning you