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    United Kingdom Talk Video Saturday 21st November 2009

    Chris Reardon

    by Chris Reardon

    Saturday's edition of my three times a week talk show.Watch or listen to the show on Tues, Thurs & Sats here at WWW.UNITEDKINGDOMTALK.CO.UK

    In today's show :

    Cartoon pants.
    Are all surgeons mad ?
    If you want to see Motown singers - go and seee them soon.
    Send in your pictures.
    Stupid hat time again.
    Flu ? Then don't bother turning up at the doctors in the USA.
    A mulitude of colours.
    I bury my head in the sofa.
    Busy at the karaoke nights.
    Sneezing in your face.
    I nearly expose myself.
    Is this becoming a show for the elderly ?
    Rush rush rush.
    I lose patience with Ustream.
    I miss out seeing Thelma Houston.
    My selection of acceptable hats.
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