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    Pork Dukes "Devil Driver", Live 9-20-2009

    dsi records

    by dsi records

    Pork Dukes "Devil Driver", Live 9-20-2009 at Jammin' Java, Vienna, Virginia. This song pulled from 1979's Pig out of hell. And why yes, that's a lyric sheet the guest singer/show unpromoter is cheating off of while the ever professional "Flash" from Florida's F does a top notch job. In 2001, the Pork Dukes reformed, after a long break - doing other things of course over the years. Returning to the band on drums was Bonk (aka. Rocky Rhythm), the Goldring Bros. and new member Andy who in turn was replaced by Vince Santini (ex-The Revillos) on bass guitar / vocals, who both replace Scabs the original '76 bassist. For this latest US jaunt, Flash from F was drafted in to handle vocals on a tour that took in PA, this date in VA & west coast dates in NV & CA. Pork Dukes are in no fear of being known as anything less than an awesome live band by those people who can hone in on their existence. It's a stroke of luck that this band did happen to have it's records show up in the DC area in the late 70s, and are fondly remembered by a disparate bunch of aging rockers. We tender this video in the hopes a whole new generation of kids catch them before they need walkers. We'll close in saying, Bonk has a book out, FUCKING BUY IT. For more info go to: