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    Six of the Best

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    RELOCATABLE Gay Beetch 6 ft, 165 lbs, age 54 skinny HUMBLE CHILD OF GOD with ROMANTIC ERA SYNDROME and  SPANKY COMPLEX (ANYTIME ANYPLACE) 4 CUDDLY MATURE. Me be "Jerry Doege.” I have BEHAVIORAL REFERENCE who know my background check is BLANK SHEET OF PAPER from being INDOOR AUTISTIC since birth with no  die-hard social conditioning. Open 2 visit leading 2 taken over threshold till death do us part. U understand more from my tagged profile of pics n babbles at:
    By Jerryellis234Last year
    Does anyone know the name of this movie?
    By ElambergLast year
    That boy looked pretty cute.I doubt boys of his age would so obediently accept a caning like this anymore.Its all about this rights and that,so called freedom,their body is theirs not yours,what is being labelled as barbaric discipline and the such.I have nothing against human rights,but there are now so many hypocrites masquerading under the label of human rights
    By fabrizzoLast year
    Yep, that's pretty much how I remember getting a sixer from my Housemaster. If I had a mirror I reckon I would have been looking just as pained as the poor lad in this video.
    By Boarderedat5Last year
    You learnt to know when the stroke was coming by the tap tap tap on your bottom before the swing and the whoosh sound. More painful when having to wait for each of the six strokes, and even more painful in front of younger offenders. I once received six with trousers down when I was 16 in front of two 12 year olds. OUCH
    By RahumbleLast year
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