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    How To Submit Your Websites To Google, Yahoo, and Bing.


    by urielposselt

    Have you ever asked yourself how to make your site appear on the Search Engines? Or make the Search Engines Boots index your site? Probably, you have heard many people talk about submitting your site to Google, Yahoo, or Bing.

    When you start SEO for your site, this is a common question if not the principal one. Well in fact if you did not know, there are especial forms from the 3 big Search Engines that let you submit your site, so it can be indexed, or make your site appear on the Search Results.

    Now please have in mind that this is not SEO, Adwords, or any other technique that is going to help you target especial keywords. I consider this to be good only for beginners that have never been involved in SEO.

    This is only for instance, if you have your, and if you go to the Search Engines and you type, it will appear on the results. In other words, this is only for indexing your site and it won’t help in any other area.