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    Cormac McCarthy Bombs on ‘The Oprah Winfrey Show’

    Dog Meat

    by Dog Meat

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    My question is what's anything from the mind of Cormac McCarhty doing in the Oprah book club?!

    I guess such things is bound to happen when you're that pretty of a writer. Just ask Joseph Conrad! He and them silly seafarin' tales! Hell, even the academy is no better. If they've been sayin for fifty years that Heart of Darkness is about race and imperialism then I bet they're explaining McCarthy right now just about the way Oprah was expecting he himself to! Lolz. I may not understand McCarthy well myself, but I can tell you this much: He's not trying to make life any easier for folks in book clubs.
    By dm_50c617ba16a263 years ago
    Uhh... what? Are you retarded? How the fuck is this interview "bombed"?
    By rjcripe4 years ago
    The idiot who said McCarthy bombed here wouldn't get his books anyway, so no loss. He is exactly the sort of man I expected him to be after reading his work - thoughtful, quietly engaging and funny, completely honest. Or did they use the word 'bomb' to suck people into watching this clip?
    By Krisstoffel5 years ago
    It's disrespectful and shameful to say he bombed. This man is clearly gifted, and he is more than cooperative and responsive to Oprah. She, on the other hand, is a little offensive with her loud aggressive glibness. She does not come across as sincere or caring, but McCarthy does come across as very caring and sensitive.
    By johnuio5 years ago
    March Antolini
    I don't believe he bombed at all. He spoke honestly, was very down-to-earth and human. In terms of substance, 'twas very laudable. I love the subtlety and simplicity of his depth--it wasn't about hype and grand declarations.
    Also, I must say he's remarkable--sticking to what he loves (or likes very much, as he says), living in poverty, (...couldn't even buy toothpaste) refusing to work for anyone else because he believed it was not the life for him, that writing was the life for him -- How many of us can claim that kind of integrity? I mean, really, how many of us have given up or set aside what we truly care about in order to prioritize what society (and let's face it--along with most of humanity) considers expedient--employment, convenience, comfort, mere (sometimes empty) survival.
    He established it at the beginning of the interview--he didn't really need to talk about his books, didn't really need to talk about his life--and so he answered so plainly, without frills
    By March Antolini5 years ago
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