Forget To Remember

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tEh JuzZbEh
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Shadow Video Game Tribute

Song: Forget to Remember
Artist: Mudvayne

Another Shadow Tribute made completely from cinematics and promos from Sonic Adventure 2 and SHadow the Hedgehog. Ok...i tried to put a little story in there too. In the first parts its all about him NOT forgetting...(maria, space colony ark.) But as it goes on...he starts forgetting (joins up with blackdoom and beats Sonic.) The last line of the song says: "Now that I've forgotten to remember!" Basically meaning he forgets his "good" side and becomes evil. And thats why he throws Maria's picture away at the end. Enjoy!


*goes to Silver video*
By Caitlin 8 years ago
By Caitlin 8 years ago
I take it that means friend? :D

Thx! Same. Hey check out my Silver Story vid I just uploaded it.
By tEh JuzZbEh 8 years ago
That's Japanese for freind!
By Caitlin 8 years ago
You are now my tamadachi!
By Caitlin 8 years ago
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