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    The 1993 Prevue Channel music was FINALLY released in full and in CD quality, so I figured I would make a video that I could use it in. The source videos are from early 1994 since I couldn't find enough 1993 videos containing parts that I wanted (although the grid itself still shows "Prevue Guide"!). Basically, I only used the parts where the music would play and edited them together.

    As for the music, I decreased the speed since every 1993 Prevue video on here has it like that (even though I remember it playing at its proper speed back then!). Also, I properly looped it since the video is longer than the song itself, but not in its entirety since that would make the video around six minutes.

    Special thanks to Nostalgia401 for the source videos, PrevueChannelMusic for the ending bumper music, and SuperAdventures for the 1993 music AND for giving me the idea to make the video (like their 1997 Prevue videos)!