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    typographic memory


    par kefka-inc

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    An animated trip trough my memories of writing & typography.
    (volume is a bit low, so please turn your speakers louder)

    As long as i remember, i've always liked writing. Even in my early childhood i was attracted by words and letters .
    The scratching sound of a pen on paper, the smell of the ink, the taste of the eraser...
    I wasn't really gifted for writing, graphically speaking.
    I keep memories of school breaks spent doing line of letters.

    Especially "k". Even now my "k" looks like a "h" fooling in high wind.

    Years later, i fell in love with catchphrases.

    Sharp, incisive, surprisingly smart and often random, like some kind of failed poetry.

    At this time, i knew. One way or another, i'll have to play with them. And that time, the scratching wouldn't be enough.
    I dreamed them appearing, moving, popping in different shapes and colors, telling everything and mostly nothing.
    Once i understood that bit, i felt like i just arrived in the fucking wild wild west of typography.

    And it felt good.