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    by Andy240

    Affirmations at

    WHY YOUR AFFIRMATIONS AREN'T WORKING:- (And how to make them work via dailymotion.

    The main reason why people think affirmations don't work is that they are using them incorrectly and subsequently they are triggering CONFLICTS of oppinion in their own minds.

    For example, if you are using an affirmation such as 'I am SLIM, HEALTHY or RICH' etc. when you're actually the total opposite then your concious mind will automatically reject the idea. In fact in many cases it will make the situation worse because you are focusing on your current reality which could be that you are in fact overweight, unhealthy or poor.

    What you need to do is remove the CONFLICT by adopting different terminology. For example instead of saying I am 'SLIM, HEALTHY or RICH'. You could say.'I am BECOMMING SLIMMER, HEALTHIER or RICHER'

    For more information on affirmations and personal-development, visit me at Regards, Andy.