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    Synergy Kettlebell Training Presents: 3000 Swing Challenge

    Bob Garon

    by Bob Garon

    Pick Your Swing Poison: Whatever flavor you go for as long as you perform 100 swings, above and beyond your normal workouts, every day from November 15th through December 15th your challenge will be met. 1 Handed... 2 Handed Swings... Darcy Swings... Walkout Swings... High Swings... Jumping Swings... 360 Swings... 10 sets of 10 swings = 100 swings OR straight in a row for 3 and a half minutes... whatever you like as long as you get 100 done every day from November 15th through December 15th. Register on Facebook and let me know how you do. Here's the IFs: If you're a Synergy Kettlebell Training member prizes will be given out at the end for everyone who completes our 3000 Swing Challenge. If you are not a member I encourage you to perform the challenge cause you've got nothing to lose except unwanted body fat and weakness. If you don't have a kettlebell you can still perform the swings if you know how. Grab a relative weighted object and swing away.