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    Our Favorite Band Dreamin' of Eternity

    Dog Meat

    by Dog Meat

    Our Favorite Band Dreamin' of Eternity
    Perfect American DIY 7"!

    Our Favorite Band made the Perfect American DIY 7"

    Here is another one I bought blind. I'm in a thrift store for battered women, digging through the records and checking out the chicks (no no no no no give me a god damn break. It was just too horrible of a joke to pass up). I find this little thing in a tattered cover. Look at the cover and see two guys sitting in a car. Look at the back, two guys are still sitting in a car, and they have kinda long hair, and there is a little state of Louisiana circled below. Label says 1982. Record is beat to shit. Awww what the hell. At the very worst it will be a bad spend of a buck. I walk to the counter, lay my dollar down and tell the girl, "There's more where that came from..." and slither out the door. I go home and slap this puppy on the turntable. Oh my god! Distorted guitar and stand up bass, no drums and it is a raw, smoking rockabilly tune worthy of Cramps/Hasil worship. Second song is a slow one and damn it if this couldn't be the Gibson Brothers. Look at the label again. 1982. Shit, this predates the Gibs by five or so years. Flip it over and weirdness crawls out of the groove. Some kinda reverb flooded, bell soaked creepiness about the Atlanta Child Murders oozes out of the speakers! Now I am really excited. Really really excited. And the ep ends with some kinda Modern Lovers meets the Only Ones meets Alex "Flies on Sherbert" Chilton power popper. Baton Rouge's Our Favorite Band! made the perfect American DIY 7"! There is not a god damn thing wrong with it and the only reason it is an unknown is because of the heavy Killed By Death bias among punk collectors, which is doubly dumb because one of these guys was in Toxin III!
    by Scott Soriano

    Our Favorite Band was discovered and signed by Facebook user, Jim Barber. 'Crud Crud' blogger, Scott Soriano, said about OFB first E.P., 'Pink Cadillac', "Our Favorite Band made the Perfect American DIY 7"" Our Favorite Band was discovered and signed by Jim Barber.