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    "An Acoustic Mind"


    by Lostboyblue

    Mike Ogletree "An Acoustic Mind" - Promised You a Miracle / Someone Somewhere in Summertime & Glittering Prize..............

    Mike Ogletree is a musician who played drums with legendary 80's Scottish rock bands Simple Minds and Fiction Factory. In 1956 he was the first child of African/American descent to be born in Ayrshire, Scotland - Burns Country where he was raised an Afro-Celt.Mike currently lives and works in New York City.

    "While continuing to develop music for Acoustic Burns my next album I am working on a project called An Acoustic Mind wherein I will be acoustically revisiting an album I helped write and record in 1982, New Gold Dream"..........Mike Ogltree '09.

    Watch this space for more music and videos from An Acoustic Mind.
    Special Thanks to Mike for his kind permission to show these videos.