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Wastin' time again (Mark Galloway and Lukas)

il y a 8 ans512 views

I'm glad to present you my first collaboration. Actually, it's not just a collaboration, it's a real honor for me to play along with one of my favorite guitarists on Youtube (and I really do mean that): Mark Galloway. I've been following him for a few months now, always so impressed by his covers and even more by his original songs (Charlie, Give me a break...). I never thought he'd accept to do a collab with me, which he did! He also his a really nice man and I can only encourage you to visit his homepage if your searching for really good guitar playing:


So, here is a really nice Blues. All credits go to Mark as he is the one who recorded the backing track (bass guitar, rythm guitar...). I only had to put my solos here and there, but the musical idea came from him. For what it's worth, I did the video sync! :o)

Hope you enjoy! I personally am so pleased with this collab. Thanks a million, Mark! Hope to record another one soon.