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    If I Could Fly de Joe Satriani Guitar Hero Customs FC

    Nicolas Regnault

    par Nicolas Regnault

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    Nicolas Regnault
    Hello. Thanks for your comments. I made this videos some years ago and I forget some things about theses customs songs. I remember that I was able to play customs song on PC, WIi or PS2. The more easy to play customs songs is to use Guitar Hero on PC. The customs songs are songs made for the game frets on fire. With Google and Youtube, you can find customs songs and tutorials to put these in the game Guitar Hero III. To play Joe Satriani's songs, the best is to make your own custom game ! I remember I used a software called TheGhost to make Wii customs. I hope having help you.
    Par Nicolas RegnaultIl y a 4 ans
    Pablo Javier Basso
    Amazing brother!!!!!! Incredible perform! Can you tell me where can i found a custom guitar hero with songs of joe satriani? i am a great fun of him... Sorry my english, i´m from Argentina.
    Par Pablo Javier BassoIl y a 4 ans