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    Entanglements of Divinations with Metastatic Cancer Afflictions.

    Rodney Lee Lip Pin

    oleh Rodney Lee Lip Pin

    46 tontonan
    Stop I Ching / Yi Jing and Tarot Card Divinations before you become a Cancer magnet.
    Dear Casual Viewers,
    In this age of Lawlessness, where ethics and morality are facing extinction, all forms of Divinations are entangled to Cancer afflictions.
    "Righteous" people are becoming mysterious magnets of Cancer.
    Iniquity is a subtle bedfellow of Divination.
    A slow, certain, painful and pathetic Death is your fate's lottery if you persist.
    Analyze closely Singapore's Lee Hsien Loong and North Korea's Kim Jong iL.
    Guess how they wage their Sun Tzu Art of War strategies with finesse ??
    There is a Levantine SuperMan up there above who controls two-thirds of the unseen heavenly Hosts.
    Cancer is a part of His vast arsenal of Firepower.

    If you would like to aid my Cause, don't give me hand-outs. Please copy and paste the following link on your Internet browser's Address Bar :