Everybody Loves My Baby-Lou Gold Orchestra

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by Lou

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Everybody Loves My Baby-Lou Gold Orchestra on Cameo 678.Jan.6-1925,acoustic Flapper dance


I don't mind the accoustic sound but the band has that touch of 'ragtime' that dates it. More important - what fool photographer handed that girl at 2:30 an outsize in banjos instead of a ukelele?
By fatsfan71 5 years ago
Fred,this sounds like it's coming from an old Victrola.Saw Rich+Art last Saturday and didn't recognize Art at first(lost a lot of weight),but he's still a bullcrapper.
By Lou 5 years ago
We all have our own preferences. I personally want to hear what the band actually may have sounded like.Or as close as possible. Not "gonna" happen with acoustic recordings.
By phred001 5 years ago
I don't really mind this being acoustical; this is a catchy, energetic version which is most enjoyable.
By kspm0220s 5 years ago
I know it's got that early acoustic sound,but it's still enjoyable like the early Fletcher Henderson's+Cotton Club Orchestra.Sometimes at the record show,people request the acoustic recordings.
By Lou 5 years ago
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