Morning musume. - Kimagure Princess (LIVE 06.11.2009)

菫 ~ [S]umire ~ ★
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Full Music Fighter! (06.11.2009) The live begin at 10:48! X3
Morning Musume. (モーニング娘。) is known as one of the leading all-female vocal, idol and dance groups in Japan‘s popular music industry to date. Throughout their musical career, Morning Musume has gained considerable popularity both in their native country and overseas, which can partly be attributed to their song writer, composer and producer Tsunku. He is best known as the vocalist of SHARAM Q.
Morning Musume is also well-known for their frequently changing line-up, with members of the group “graduating” almost annually. With their classic pop sound, “cute schoolgirl” image and vibrant personalities, it is no wonder that Morning Musume has become a household name within Japan.
Line up:
Lead Vocals: Takahashi Ai
Vocals: Niigaki Risa
Vocals: Kamei Eri
Vocals: Tanaka Reina
Vocals: Michishige Sayumi
Vocals: Kusumi Koharu
Vocals: Mitsui Aika
Vocals: Li Chun (Junjun)
Vocals: Qian Lin (Linlin)

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j'adore les moring musume, elles sont marrantes
ユーザー名 KenawOu 5 年前
それは余りにキャベツである. chibi baka est fiere de vous présenter cette video lol
ユーザー名 Stéecy Vang 5 年前