Bert Lown Biltmore Hotel Orchestra-I Can't Believe It's True


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Although largely forgotten today, Bert Lown, who occasionally played violin, led a series of superior jazz-oriented dance band sides during 1929-33. He was one of the composers of the standard "Bye Bye Blues." As a violinist Lown worked for a time in the 1920's as a sideman, including in 1925 with cornetist Fred Hamm's band. During 1930-31, Lown's band was employed regularly at the Biltmore Hotel in New York, frequently broadcasting on the radio. During this period Lown also composed "You're The One I Care For" and "Tired." His orchestra only recorded two sessions apiece in 1932 and 1933 and by the mid-30's Lown was no longer leading a band, instead booking and managing orchestras before definitlvely leaving the music business. In later years, Lown held executive positions and was involved in CBS-TV from 1951 until his death in 1962. This wonderful recording is an excellent example of Lown's sophisticated arrangements, Recording was made in 1932.

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Hello Ratpfink, welcome to my channel and thank you for pointing out the exact recording date! The constantly taken down music and the massively disappearing channels was a reason why I migrated over here by the way.
Par kspm0220s il y a 4 ans
Thanks so very much for posting this. I first heard it on YouTube, where it was taken down...TWICE!

All this talk about the record date this came from and no one bothered to mention it was Aug. 7, 1932. But that's ok, we're all hardcore here.

About the "rejected" takes - you never know when they'll turn up, usually on a theatre-use-only disc or a test pressing.
Par RatPfink il y a 4 ans
Fred, we'll never know why this was considered better without vocal. I'm with you and all other viewers a vocals would be a definite plus, especially one displaying the refinement Feldkamp left us on many other occasions.
Par kspm0220s il y a 5 ans
Actually Elmer was in fine voice for this session. His vocal on "I'm Yours For Tonight" is excellent. This is a very interesting session,. two takes each of "Over The Weekend" and "I Wish I Had Wings" were recorded , one vocal and one non-vocal. The non vocals were rejected. This side and the flip "Goodbye To Love" were non-vocal only.
Par phred001 il y a 5 ans
Lou and Fred: I don't understand why this has no vocal if Elmer was present. Maybe he had a cold :-) I agree the Isham Jones and Ambrose versions are outstanding. And I have confirm the bass sax is Spencer Clark, not Adrian Rollini.
Par kspm0220s il y a 5 ans
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