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    United Kingdom Talk Video Saturday 7th November 2009

    Chris Reardon

    by Chris Reardon

    Saturday's edition of my three times a week talk show.Watch or listen to the show on Tues, Thurs & Sats here at WWW.UNITEDKINGDOMTALK.CO.UK

    In today's show :

    Our trip to Thorpe Park.
    Only 2 doors.
    The house is lonely - but clean.
    No more cups.
    Injection pen.
    Flush toilets.
    Very fast ride.
    Is it a portable oven ?
    Lots of break downs.
    I have to bend right over.
    Miserable cow at Costa Coffee.
    The most uncomfortable car in the world.
    Offering money to go on the ride.
    The feet won't touch the floor.
    I waited 45 mins to take a photo.
    He should have nicked it.
    Where is the entrance ?
    That's a nice rack.
    Slow service on the waffles.
    Very tatty.
    Too much bad food.
    Not a cheap day out.
    School holidays.
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