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    New World Order in The Middle East


    by JacobSifri

    Money laundering is a term used to describe the process of injecting, through the global banking system, into the world's economies dirty money generated from fatal crimes such as drugs, prostitution, child abuse, fraud … etc, for the mere purpose of legitimizing such money so that it can be safely used as a medium of exchange (to purchase assets) and as a store of wealth (saved in a banking account) by the launderers themselves.

    The above crimes are sanctioned, either intentionally or negligently, by the political regimes of the ME for the mere purpose of enslaving our societies and thus confiscating the region's resources in its entirety, including its human resources. These regimes must be changed to halt organized crime and solve the problem of accelerating poverty of the region.

    Yacoub E. Sifri
    يعقوب الياس السفري