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    HK & les Saltimbanks - On lache rien


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    michel despesse
    a voir a la fete de l'humanité le dimanche... venez nombreux, la fete de l'huma c' est " LA FETE"
    Par michel despesseIl y a 5 ans
    Extra, super continuez et au prochain passage dans la région de Marseille pour qu'on puisse venir passer une bonne soirée en votre compagnie et le bonjour à Saïd Toufik avec qui j'ai eu du plaisir à discuter le 18 septembre 2010 à Aubagne et à Kaddour un mec vraiment sympa et sincère. à bientôt
    Par NacerIl y a 5 ans
    Part 4

    The rage to win runs in our blood
    Now you know why we're fighting
    Our ideal, much more than a dream
    Another world, we have no choice.

    We're not giving an inch
    Par Catherina_USAIl y a 5 ans
    Part 3

    It's so fucking stupid, so banal,
    To speak of peace and brotherhood,
    When homeless people are dying in the streets,
    And they're hunting down the undocumented,

    Throwing crumbs to the people,
    Just to pacify them,
    But they won't attack millionaire bosses
    "Too important for our society" ("Too big to fail").

    It's crazy how they're protected
    All our rich and powerful.
    Not to mention how helpful it is
    To be friends with the president.

    Dear comrades, dear "voters",
    Dear "citizen-consumers",
    The alarm has rung, it's time,
    To reset the counters to zero.

    As long as there's struggle, there's hope.
    As long as there's life, there's battle.
    As long as we're fighting, that means we're standing.
    As long as we're standing, we won't give an inch
    Par Catherina_USAIl y a 5 ans
    Part 2

    They babbled on about equality
    And like assholes we believed them.
    "Democracy", don't make me laugh
    If it was, we would have recognized it.

    What's the weight of our ballots,
    Up against the needs of the market?
    It's a fucking shame my dear compatriots
    But we got really fucked.

    And what's the weight of human rights
    Against the airbus sale?
    Basically, there's just one law, to wit:
    "Sell out more to sell more."

    The country's prosituting itself
    One the sidewalk of dictators.
    Their beautiful words we no longer believe.
    Our leaders are liars.

    We're not giving an inch
    Par Catherina_USAIl y a 5 ans
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