Inkscape Tutorial: Create Your Own Flourish (for SCAL)

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http://www.ScrappyDew.com this tutorial you will be able to create your own flourishes and cut them out in Sure Cuts A Lot. We will use Pattern Along Path, Bezier Tool, and Spiro to create these.


Hello, I just wanted to make a note on your last comment ( on which you first made a bitmap copy of the thing to perform an union )

The right way to do it thru path tools is first on the "Path" menu use "Stroke to Path" that will make an actual shape from the drawing you're making, and then you can perform union normaly
By Giancarlo Palavicini 3 years ago
Well, somehow I got it to work and I'm not even sure how. I found this tidbit of info:

"When you just want to make a copy of an object within Inkscape, you should use duplicate (Ctrl-D) rather than copy/paste (Ctrl-C/Ctrl-V). Duplicate does not interact with the X11/OSX clipboards"

I made a duplicate and that didn't work. But then I "cut" one of them. (Since it was a duplicate, the original remained.) And since then, the flourish pops out like it's supposed to when I click the "paste path" button. So apparently "cut" works when "copy" doesn't. I don't know if the "duplicate" made a difference or not. So perhaps try using a "cut" first and if that doesn't work, then go back and do the duplicate and then cut.

Hope this helps any mac/leopard users that come after me. :-)

(Now if I could just figure out text. Time to look for a text tutorial, eh?) ;-)
By barefootmeg 4 years ago
I had never heard of inkscape before I came across your tutorial. I've downloaded it and I've enjoyed the Bezier/Spiro bit. Very cool. Then I followed through to the point where I picked the "paste path" button and nothing happened. I went back and re-copied the little red whoosh and tried again and it still didn't work. So I started all over, went step by step and still no luck. I'm guessing there's some difference with a mac. (Btw, to end the Bezier curve on a mac, double click.) I'm hoping someone here has figured out the mac trick to make my curve "pop." Thanks.
By barefootmeg 4 years ago