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    Rescued From Fear

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    Will You Walk in Faith or Fear?

    FEAR, Satan's most powerful and destructive weapon is debilitating and negatively affects a persons physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual well-being long after that which he or she feared has passed. Everywhere we turn there are reasons to be afraid. Regardless of what one fears, or how fear manifests itself; fear paralyzes. Perhaps the worse consequence of fear is that it hinders our ability to hear Gods voice.

    Becky Harrison knows what its like to be trapped in fear, to experience anxiety and panic attacks. Like Becky, you too can be set free. Rescued From Fear contains the spiritual dynamite that will break the power of fear in your life.

    First responders are trained to respond appropriately to natural disasters. Becky will show you how to train your inner man to first respond in faith, rather than to react in fear.

    *Never again walk in fear
    *Stop the anx