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    Pub and go! Axis Powers Hetalia Cosplay music video


    by XMoonLilyX

    24 007 views
    Okay so Youtube decided to take this down so i'm going to upload it here, youtube cant stop great britanniaaaaa!

    This is the result of being way too obbsessed with a song and character. Also have you read those lyrics? They're begging for it! Sorry for any dark/crappy quality bits...the place we filmed had god awful lighting. X.X So I encourage to watch in HD! ^^

    The song and characters in this do not belong to me in any way. I'm just showing love. XD It's all my own content! :p

    Special thanks to the wonderful LittleGeeky for filming AND editing this for me! ^_^ And for all involved for putting up with me. XP

    Go here for the English lyrics:!