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    Rybak Reelected, Media Asks "Are You Running For Gov?"

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    What about the Governor's race? Well I've been saying for many months that it's likely I'm getting into the race and I'm saying the same thing now 'cause I… but I won't be making any definitive measurement for a little bit of time. (inaudible) And I'm going to take a breath and then make a final decision. Q: You said it's likely? Yeah It's likely. Nothing has changed. What I think is important is I haven't made my decision yet. Q: Then you'll think over that in a couple weeks? I think a couple months (inaudible) Q: What are you waiting for? I think it's important for me to stop and take a breath after this race and go back to work immediately to the pile of things on my desk. It's incredibly exciting to me to get that work done and then move forward. I think one of….one of the things I did a year ago is say I'm going to be as honest and direct as I can and say that it is likely I'm going to run for Governor, but I have a job to do so I'm going to take that work, and that's my first work and I'll do everything necessary to continue to move forward on Governor's race as I've said for the past year, so that I can have the option to make the decision (inaudible) . Q: What would likely turn you the other way, that you would not run I'm not thinking too much about that tonight. I'm staying very focused and I think as I've traveled around the state I've become very encouraged by the reception I've gotten. I'm very discouraged by the condition of the state. And both of those lead me to the likelihood …and that's no different than I've said for several months and it won't be for some time now. I'm not going to be saying much about the Governor's race tonight or for a bit. I'm going to go back to work. Q: Is there anything for you to file paperwork with the Campaign Finance Board We're looking at those issues. There are some issues that are… we have technical filings that need to take place for exploratory committees and others. And that's all the things that are going to be sorted out in the next ...