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    NYCCAN Update August 2009 911 Truth Now

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    NYC CAN Executive Director Ted Walter and Director of Outreach Manny Badillo appeal for volunteers to assist in verifying and validating signatures for the NYC CAN Ballot Initiative.

    The New York City Coalition for Accountability Now is currently challenging assertions by the New York City Clerk that nearly half of the 52,000 submitted signatures are invalid.

    So far, NYC CAN has successfully isolated HUNDREDS of signatures that the city had mistakenly labeled as invalid. If this continues, NYC CAN will produce the 30,000 signatures required to place a referendum on the 2009 New York General Election Ballot for a new, independent commission with subpoena power to investigate the events of 9/11, and hold those involved in the terror attacks responsible.

    NYC CAN needs volunteers!

    NYC Coalition for Accountability Now