Ray Noble New Mayfair Dance Orchestra - Close Your Eyes


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Ray Noble (1903-1978) was a British bandleader, composer, arranger and actor who studied music at the Royal Academy of Music and became leader of the HMV band in 1929. His most famous vocalist was Al Bowlly (1899-1941), who gained experience in a band led by Jimmy Liquime. Bowlly arrived in London as part of Fred Elizalde's orchestra. In the 30s, he was to sign two contracts which were to change his fortunes. Despite Bowlly's success in Britain through the early 30s, he never achieved the same fame in the USA, and his prolonged absence from the UK when he moved to the States in 1934 damaged his popularity in the UK. His voice began to wane from around 1936 too, which affected the frequency of his recordings. Bowlly returned to the UK in 1937 and in February 1938 he began recording with Lew Stone. This wonderful recording was made in 1933.

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Actually there seem to be AT LEAST 4 songs with the same title: 1925 recorded by Teddy Brown in England amongst others, 1931 (by Harry Bidgood, Edison Bell band, Sid Kyte etc), 1933 (this one) and 1939.
Par muscleco il y a 4 ans
Genia, I can close my eyes and immediately be in the Grand Ballroom in 1933 executing a slow foxtrot to this ....... hang on, i'm dancing with Bette Davies and she won't close her scary eyes - Ugh!
Par fatsfan71 il y a 4 ans
I could be wrong about the composer here; even more homonymous songs than the two mentioned by fatsfan were composed during the same decade.
Par kspm0220s il y a 4 ans
Maybe Fred will know who wrote this. I still say it must be a man.
I know that Al is Sensational and this is a very addictive song.
Imagine dancing to this at the Savoy in he 30's? What say YOU?
Par Genia il y a 4 ans
Don't want an argument but there are two songs by this title: the 1931 version written as Patrick describes below, and the 1933 title written by Bernice Petkere, an American composer. I think this is her doing but it really doesn't matter.
Par fatsfan71 il y a 4 ans