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    Citizen Erased (Muse) guitare cover


    par Anne-Sophie

    2 496 vues
    Hey ! This is me playing the full Muse song "Citizen Erased " off of their album " Origin Of Symmetry. The audi and video quality are again very bad : i recorded with a webcam =/ . So it fucked all my cover up ! Sorry :( Any way i hope you hear enough ... i made a lot of mistakes but ... i don't know, i wanted to cover it right now and upload....
    Gear used is :
    Ibanez rg170dx guitar
    Zoomg2 multi effect
    Fuzz Factory ZVex
    Marshall mg 100 watt amp

    Cheers, i hope you'll enjoy :/
    Thanks for rating, commenting and subscribing =D

    (i play 1 year and 11 month ago by the way ;D)