Review: Jason Derulo's "Whatcha Say"

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Sampling in music has hit a new low.


imogen heap wasn't autotuned she was vocoded. a vocoder though similar to autotune is different because you actually have to hit the notes to make the voice change. where as autotune all you have to do is turn it on
By Goldie Golden May
"But when I become a star, I'll I buy houses and cars while I sleep around on you" XDDD

"mmm whatcha say, mmm that you're a lying sack of crap. Because you totally are.." XDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDD
First off, I watched your videos on YouTube (ToddintheShadows)... and I must say... I'm a fan. Too much crappy music that either doesn't make sense, is repetitive, is stupid, or a combination of more than one of those concepts.

"Watcha Say", in my opinion, is a great example of a song that actually presents a good flow, beat, etc. but can easily be seen as a STUPID song.

I heard that Jason DeRulo "freestyles" his songs... meaning what? He just sings these "thoughts" in his head that don't go together and just WINGING it? What the hell is wrong with this guy? As an R&B singer, I'd think that he'd want to actually have meaning behind is words... rather than just what sounds good.
By Romiezzo 3 years ago
Too many kids in the pop music scene. Can I hear from some adults please?
By Wayala 4 years ago
Timmy from South Park FTW!
By I am Arcade 4 years ago
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