preview - In Trouble - Marcel vs. Jasper

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Jasper is annoyed on Marcel because to him supposedly still a lot of money owes. He wants to put him to the speech and if flat penetrates, besides, quite brutally into Marcel's. Marcel, completely amazed, wants to know about Jaspers to reproaches nothing. However, Jasper leaves not laxly and tries to force Marcel with all means to a confession. It comes to a violent Fight in Marcel's flat. They nearly kill themselves her shirts and trousers and attack themselves with boxes on the ears. Besides, they also leave "dirty tricks" not from to show to the other who is the stronger.
Jasper est très énervé contre Marcel parce que, soi-disant, il lui doit encore de l’argent. Il veut en finir avec cette histoire et rentre avec fracas dans l’appartement de Marcel. Sous le choc, Marcel ne veut pas entendre parler des reproches de Jasper. Mais Jasper n’abandonne pas et essaie de le contraindre à avouer par tous les moyens. Il s’ensuit un duel terrible dans l’appartement de Marcel. Ils arrachent leurs vêtements, s’attaquent à coups de gifles et n’oublient pas d’utiliser quelques prises déloyales pour montrer à l’autre qui est le plus fort.

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My mid bro and I are close of an age - we sometimes fight like this, usually about a girl - the old man generally leaves us to it reckoning that when we've kicked the crap outta each other things'll be Ok - not allowed to start in the house, though - did that once and when we were down to our briefs he waded in and settled it with the strop!!!!!!!!
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a bin c'est pas a moi que sa arriverai hein lollllll
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