OSDM Intro 9 - "Milbentro"

Carsten Cumbrowski

by Carsten Cumbrowski

Welcome to my latest OSDM Intro for dubbed "Milbentro" (Mitetro) or Intro #9 (for Windows 32bit from 2009) Credits: --------------- Code: Peace/Testaware Graphics and Design: Roy/SAC Music: Emax/TRSI You can download this video in AVI format (74 MB) at You can also download the Win32 Executable (ZIP packed, 600 KB) at I also created three additional "spin-off" versions of this intro with different background animation (a different "monster" hehe) and different music. You can watch all versions at my OSDM Intros page at my web site at Cheers! Carsten aka Roy/SAC