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  • Add to A Virtual Sales Force That Works for You 24/7 With No Breaks, No Excuses, No Hassles.. Here Are 9 Great Reasons to Add Virtual Sales Bot to Your Site Today! Slash Website Abandonment - Grab your visitors attention just before they leave and entice them back into your site with a new offer! Increase Visitor Value - Increase the dollar value of each of your customers by converting and selling more often! Boost Conversions - Convert more visitors into buyers by giving them a special discount or coupon code just before they leave your site! These people were about to leave forever and spend nothing, but Virtual Sales Bot can save them! Lighten Customer Support - Address some of the most common questions potential buyers have! Motivate Potential Affiliates - Put an virtual sales bot on your affiliate recruitment page reminding affiliates about competitions or special prizes you may give out for top affiliates! Reiterate Important Bonuses - A big selling point of many offers is the bonuses that are included. Now you can make sure your visitors know the value of your bonuses by reminding them of one last time before they go! Up-sell & Cross-sell - Up-sell or cross-sell related products while your customers are in 'buying mode'! Exit Surveys - Ask your visitors why they are leaving and you'll get all the information you need to improve your offer and increase your profits! Instant Support - Your visitors want immediate satisfaction and Virtual Sales Bot delivers that to them while you are asleep!