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    1-4 10-04-09raw UN-Walled2-Prfct ProphtcStorm Pt16


    by Doug

    Pastor J.D. continues his look at the election in Iran, the muslim 12th Imam prophecy, the North Korea Factor, Peace & Security, "the Two (2) State Solution", Babylon, the Euphrates, the China Factor, factors in the Fall of the United States, the World Leader, Mid-East Peace Agreement, Russia & Iran Nuke attack, Ezekiel 38 No Wall Prophecy, the UN-World Order & Netanyahu's speech, and now (again) UN-Walled which he adds up to "The Perfect Prophetic Storm!". Docurrent events line up with what the Bible foretold will happen in the time before the great tribulation (or time of [Israel's] Jacob's trouble) and if so how does it fit in with the overall prophetic picture given in God's Holy word, the Bible to create what JD calls "the Perfect Prophetic Storm? This is Part 16 now, the eigth week of our study.