Explanation Wiitro-gaming in english

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Explanation of the Wiitro-gaming.

The wiimote is working in bluetooth and osculator is converting the signal in a virtual Joystick witch is connected to the emulator.

9 commentaires

Oh ! It's a mix english/french !!
Par Ttve76 il y a 5 ans
it's too funny! You have a strong accent, but i love it though! So French...
Par The_Joy il y a 5 ans
I made this english version because I'm living in Holland half of the year and some friends also wanted to have an english version.
Par RealMyop il y a 5 ans
Oh yeah your mother fucker accent !
Par erem92 il y a 5 ans
Do you realy think than some english people gonna see your video. No seriously you do this video to do a Joke isn't it ^^?
Oh! and good english accent but i'm sure you can do better xD!
Par nonotheboss il y a 5 ans
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