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    “The Bloggess” Jenny Lawson at BlogWorld Expo 2009


    by WebProNews

    Jenny Lawson, “The Bloggess” began writing a mommy blog for the Houston Chronicle, but quickly found that it wasn’t enough.

    To truly fulfill her desires, she created a blog where she could write about whatever she wanted: ninjas, sex, zombies, William Shatner, - just - whatever. She also developed a satirical sex and advice columns.

    Because some people consider her content controversial, Lawson has received her fair share of hate mail. She told WebProNews she turns it into something positive: free entertainment.

    For example, people have told her “your retarded,” but in all actuality, the joke is on them since they misspelled “you’re.” She said:

    “If you’re not entertained by your own blog and both the people that love you and the people that hate you, then I think you’re missing out.”