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    clinton valley & fairlawn grounds Abandoned mental asylum


    by KingOfCrap



    By SpookeyRuben4 years ago
    " didnt have nothing to do with the production of nothing."

    Essentially, this quote of yours means that I have had something to do with the production of something, presumably that video. And I did but, I won't bother informing you of those details since as a barely literate, and obviously drunk, and/or high, and/or otherwise impaired, dumbass with a barely two digit I.Q., would you even be able to appreciate that information; (Drum roll, please!) OBVIOUSLY not!!

    Ya know, I may very well have to nominate you for "The Dumbest Person On Daily Motion" award. The competition is pretty stiff but, you're pretty fuckin' stupid!! I think you've got a real shot!
    By SpookeyRuben5 years ago

    You are behaving as if I have raped you with my words and I'm the one with "butthurt"?!? You are cursing like a drunken truck driver and some how I am a cunt??!

    I watched your video once. It sucked. Why would I bother to watch it again?! (Drum roll, please!) I wouldn't! I don't hate your stupid video either. It is sad and pathetic, just like you. Amongst all of this, you can't even begin to critique me, honestly, on my video! It's all that you can do to bitch, like a whiny dog, & lie, like a wanton whore, to increase the size of your own ego. You are in dire need of as much pity as you can get from as many ppl as you can get it from.

    I suppose it is ironic that you don't deserve the honor of my pity. That just makes me feel even sorrier for you and it makes me want to give you my pity even more. I am not a cruel person.
    By SpookeyRuben5 years ago
    If you do honestly decide to create something worthy of another persons time then, definitely, feel free to notify me of this once you have uploaded it and I will be as honest with you about that video/those videos as I have been with you about this video. I assure you of that!

    Unfortunately for you, your username may very well be the one most important sign that such a positive endeavor will never take place for you, at least on this site, & that everything that you have and will produce on here will turn out to be in the same vein as this video. And you have admitted that by having created that username and using it on DM. I assume that you will blame that on me as well...

    I feel sorry for you. You have my pity.
    By SpookeyRuben5 years ago
    Since DM does not, apparently, allow users to directly respond to one another by way of their comments, even users who upload videos responding directly to those who comment on their videos, just as you responded to my comment on my video, I am forced to respond, to you, to your comment, on my video, on a video of yours...

    I critiqued this video based on it merits. I found very few of them (Honestly, I found them to be virtually non-existent!) and that is what I pointed out. You critiqued my video based on your incorrect assumptions about how I acquired the video and your incorrect assumptions about what my intentions were and/or are, which amounts to an ad hominem attack on me. All of this means that your critique of my video has you standing on quicksand, regardless of where my critique of your video leaves me standing; and I am standing on a solid surface! (Convenient for me and VERY inconvenient for you, dontcha think?!)
    By SpookeyRuben5 years ago
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