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    Friday Night Fu (Episode 58)

    Friday Night Fu

    by Friday Night Fu

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    Episode 58 - Original air date 10/23/09

    The Movie: Black Fist (1975, dir. Timothy Galfas and Richard Kaye)

    All he wanted to do in life is not have to kiss whitey’s ass. It’s Leroy Fisk, streetfighter extraordinaire and Man-sticking-it-toer. He’s called in to take on corrupt cops and racist gangsters. Stealing the show are Dabney Coleman as a foul-mouthed bigot and Phillip Michael “Tubbs” Thomas in a not-so-amazing dual role (!), as both Leroy’s best friend and a greasy pimp.

    The Fu:

    Say hello to our newest Fu Crew member, a dirty mop! We also got a little more of Elmo and Ernie than we would ever, ever, ever want (hide your children), we celebrated Black Fistory Month, and we wondered why it takes Ryan so darn long to alphabetize his gay porn. Oh, and in case you're wondering: Did we push it? Did we push it real good? Yes. Yes we did.