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    Jewish Courtship & the Shidduch system. Consider Judaism...


    by geoasher023


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    Triple Generation
    Check out my Tanya Chapter 2 Kislev 26, 5771 12/3/2010 By TripleGeneration Titled The DNA of G-d. I would like to continue to trade thoughts and reason with you for you have a lot more understanding than I do regarding Torah Study. I study at Please check it out. Daily chumash study page is linked with I do believe we are suppose to rise of grace but please be informed that grace is there for when we fall short of the keeping of Torah. Grace is not thereto say ohhh I can do what I want because even though you can do what you want, not everything you do has a good outcome. That's where Torah comes into use for guidance. For G-d's word is a lamp unto my feet and a light unto our paths. Shalom
    By Triple Generation5 years ago