Trouble In Paradise-Walter Feldkamp Orchestra


by Lou

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Trouble In Paradise Walter Feldkamp Orchestra on Crown 3523-A.Elmer Feldkamp on vocal.Aug. 1933


On the "Fools rush in" principle, I'm venturing to suggest that the "Velma" in question may have been Velma Gresham (1910-1957), who appeared in seven films between 1932 and 1935, rather than her near-namesake, the Hungarian-born actress Vilma Bánky (1901-1991), whose disenchantment with Hollywood and marked accent curtailed her once stellar film career soon after the advent of sound movies. Both ladies were considered attractive by the standards of the time (ooh! Diplomacy...). In addition to the customary info on IMDb, VB has an entry in Wikipedia, while VG is featured at some length on http://morethanyouneededtoknow.typepad.com/the_unsung_joe/2010/09/velma-gresham.html .
By TigerTimpani Last year
It definitely was a Mercedes.
By Walter Gray 6 years ago
I'm pretty sure it was a Mercedes but could be mistaken. I was on vacation in Spain when it happened and the shock of the news is all I can now recall of an otherwise happy time.
By fatsfan71 6 years ago
Michael,what kind of auto was Princes Di in when the accident happened?
By Lou 6 years ago
Corrie,you're right,it was the Citroen that was funny looking.They probably get good gas mileage.In Italy they had little tiny Fiats with lawn mower engines,that people would park at all angles in Rome.
By Lou 6 years ago
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