Destiny of the Doctors

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A compilation of the 1997 PC Game.
This was Ainley last performance as the Master.
This is uploaded in his honour.


Q1. Have no idea
Q2. The Graak was made by the Fourth Doctor to battle the master for just this Game
Q3. I suppose it does it was made after the TV Movie so it is possible. But only writer Terrence Dicks knows

Hope this clears things up
By TheNextDoctor 5 years ago
Just a few thoughts:

How can there be seven faces on a six sided die?
What was the Graak?
Does that ending refer to his capture by the daleks in the first part of The Enemy Within?
By ReBoot_Fan 5 years ago
Sadly Not. I don't own the game. Althought there is a version with the levels on YouTube
Hope this helps
By TheNextDoctor 5 years ago
Can you put the levels of this game with the different doctors too? It would cool to see the different levels.
By Dr-Loveless 5 years ago