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    Please Kill Reid Baer

    Reid Baer

    by Reid Baer

    Primum non nocere
    By Reid Baer

    I am no Internet Star nor
    do I desire to be one
    anymore for recklessness sake
    I have way too often broken

    my own treaty, “First do no harm.”
    I am no one’s fast friend, no one’s
    example, no one’s foil, nor hero
    on their journey lest I take glory

    in those cuts and jabs I confess,
    I do confess, I am a thief
    not a Chief not a New Warrior
    as I have shot an arrow over

    our house and hurt the neighbor and
    my cruelty has not always been
    to be kind and my stewardship lay
    in ruin so much so I can’t

    find a passing sorry for you -
    no emotional recompense! -
    but this I can do and I do
    open my mouth forcefully to

    warn you of my own self interest,
    failing, flailing, and irreverence.
    So, I petition you to see
    my patent grandiosity.

    Please kill me twice with the rising
    sun while I look to the sky blue
    and listen for God’s piercing voice -
    a sound that may confound you too.